Rethink What is Possible

Momentum Run has definitely made me rethink what is possible. Prior to these coaches, I settled for doing intervals only. This year I ran my first 5k without walking, will be training for my first 10k race and then my first half marathon. Don’t limit yourself. Come join us and reach new limits.

Learning to Run Properly

We learned techniques, core strength training, proper stretching, and were given a weekly running program.   I cannot say enough good things about our trainers and let me tell you I love our running group.  There is so much support and encouragement people believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself.

I Now Consider Myself a Runner

This program does work and the coaches are there to answer any questions you may have.  I now consider myself a runner thanks to Wayne Burns and Rod Key.


This class helped make it more enjoyable to run with a group of people that will help keep you accountable – and we all were at different stages in our running abilities.

My First 5K!

The class helped me understand proper running form, shoes, nutrition, stretching,  and other skills necessary to properly train for a race. I have now ran and completed my first 5K!